TOP SONGS – Garbage

Sadece Shirley Manson değil, sadece müzik de değil, Garbage şarkılarının sözleri de çok deli. Ergenlik zamanlarında dinlerken belki de bu kadar farkına varamadığımı düşündüm şarkı sözlerinin. Sözlerin İngilizce olması değil anlayamama sebep olan – İngilizceme güvenirim evel Allah 😛 ! – sebep bildiğin hayat deneyimleri & deneyimlemeleri!
Weeee işte benim en sevdiğim & en güzel Garbage şarkıları – if u f*ckin’ care! 🙂

Best “Garbage Songs” of mine!

Garbage – Why Do You Love Me

So can you tell me “WHY?” 😉 U’r all drivin’ me CRAZY! 🙂
I think U’r sleeping w ….!
Şarkının inişleri ve çıkışları var – heyecanlanmamıza sebep olan hayat gibi ve Shirley Manson gibi
I’m no barbie doll – I’m not your baby girl
I’ve done ugly things and I have made mistakes – And I am not as pretty as those girls in magazines
I am rotten to my core if they’re to be believed – So what if I’m no baby bird hanging upon your every word?
Nothing ever smells of roses that rises out of mud
Why do you love me – Why do you love me
Why do you love me, it’s driving me crazy

Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid

I Think I’m Paranoid and complicated!

You can look, but you can’t touch – I don’t think I like you much
Heaven knows what a girl can do – Heaven knows what you’ve got to prove
I think I’m paranoid – And complicated – I think I’m paranoid – Manipulate it

Bend me, break me – Anyway you need me – All I want is you

Steal me, deal me, anyway you heal me – Maim me, tame me, you can never change me – Love me, like me, come ahead and fight me – Please me, tease me, go ahead and leave me
Bend me – Break me – Anyway you need me – As long as I want you baby it’s all right

Garbage – Run Baby Run

This video shot in İstanbul! U’ll notice it when you watch!
Will do them asap – again – except stealing part – not my type! Btw I’m already running always – damn!

Garbage – Stupid Girl

Efsanem!!! le-gen-da-ry! was it like that? I don’t f*ckin’ care! But kinda describes me! 🙂
Just; Don’t believe in anything!!!

You pretend you’re high – You pretend you’re bored
You pretend you’re anything – Just to be adored
And what you need – Is what you get
Don’t believe in fear – Don’t believe in faith
Don’t believe in anything – That you can’t break
You stupid girl – You stupid girl – All you had you wasted
What drives you on – Can drive you mad – A million lies to sell yourself – Is all you ever had
Don’t believe in love – Don’t believe in hate – Don’t believe in anything – That you can’t waste
You stupid girl – You stupid girl – Can’t believe you fake it – Can’t believe you fake it
Don’t believe in fear – Don’t believe in pain -Don’t believe in anyone – That you can’t tame
You stupid girl – All you had, you wasted

Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains

I don’t love rain – but I do love this song!

Garbage – Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)

She gave you everything she had – But she was young and dumb
She’d just turned 21 – She didn’t care to hang around
So when the shit came down why she was nowhere to be found
This life can turn a good girl bad She was the sweetest thing that you had ever seen
You’re so such a delicate boyIn the hysterical realm
Of an emotional landslide – In physical terms

Go baby go go – We’re right behind you
Go baby go go – Yeah, we’re looking at you
Go baby go go – Oh ,we’re right behind you
Go baby go baby

Garbage – Milk

I am milk – I am red hot ketchup
And I am cool – Cool as the deep blue ocean
I am lost – So I am cruel – But I’d be love and sweetness – If I had you
I’m waiting – I’m waiting for you
I am weak – But I am strong
I can use my tears to – Bring you home

Garbage – The World Is Not Enough

James Bond


Garbage – Queer